QC Copper: A Responsible Copper Developer Powered by Low-Cost Renewable Energy

QC Copper is a responsible resource developer of a long-life, low carbon footprint copper mine in Quebec, powered by renewable hydroelectric energy. 

Copper is an integral ingredient to the green energy revolution, and QC Copper plans to help Quebec and Canada source an ethical product responsibly.

Our values guide our actions and decisions. They are the measuring stick for how we relate to one another, community partners, stakeholders, and the world around us. Our values are who we are.

QCCU is committed to the highest standards for working with our host communities and partners in the Chapais - Chibougamau region, including all local communities and Indigenous Community Members. 

The management team is committed to:

  • Ensuring responsible operations
  • Maintaining a positive work culture
  • Being part of the community and
  • Contributing to a renewable energy future

These standards apply to the QCCU Board of Directors, employees, contractors, consultants, and other individuals and entities involved in its operations.

People – Where it all begins

QC Copper is committed to operating a safe and healthy workplace. We believe that if we all work together, we can achieve zero harm in the workplace and enhance the well-being of employees, contractors, and communities.

QC Copper also engages with its employees and emphasizes respect and equality. We strive to maintain a work environment based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity.

QC Copper leadership is also actively involved in attracting and training the next generation of Canadian leaders to the mining industry through its Young Mining Professional Scholarship Fund involvement. QC Copper is a proud sponsor of this initiative, and its CEO & Chairman is also the founder of this Scholarship Fund and the Chairman of the Young Mining Professionals Global Group. Through this Scholarship Fund, the Young Mining Professionals seeks to reflect and promote the industry's increasingly diverse workforce, with scholarships awarded to women, immigrants, and Canada's Indigenous community members. 

Community Engagement

Throughout the development and operating stages of the Opemiska Mine, QC Copper will be committed to establishing and maintaining the support of our host communities.

QC Copper is highly committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations.

QC Copper is committed to supporting local economic development with all stakeholders. QC Copper maintains open dialogue with residents, regulators and community leaders.

The Environment

QC Copper and Gold is committed to continual improvement in protecting human health and stewardship of the natural environment. To fulfill this commitment, QC Copper will go above and beyond the legal and minimum required duty by:

  • Ensuring that all employees understand our environmental and social commitments;
  • Communicating and engaging with First Nations, residents, community leaders, and regulators on the Company's efforts to protect the environment and land in and around the Opemiska's property;
  • Aiming to exceed relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and corporate requirements;
  • Integrate environmental policies, programs, and practices into all activities at Opemiska;
  • Strive to positively contribute to the conservation of biological diversity through all stages of the mining life cycle;
  • Utilizing Hydro Quebec’s renewable energy at Opemiska as the foundation of a low-carbon mining operation

Renewable Energy: Present and Future

Quebec’s Hydroelectric power generation produces five times less GHG emissions than solar power.  It is amongst the cleanest in the world, it is also the lowest cost.  Furthermore, Quebec's energy production stands out from the competition, as Hydro-Québec supplies Opemiska with power that is 100% renewable.

Hydro Quebec Logo

Copper is a Green Metal

Copper is a critical component for development, particularly in powering renewable energy and electrification of our economy. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, fuel cells, and other technologies rely on copper due to its excellent conductivity. All major forms of transportation depend on copper to perform critical functions. Electric vehicles require significant copper supplies for construction. As a future copper producer, the Opemiska mine will be an active participant in the future of renewable energy.

Copper: A Strategic Metal under the Quebec Plan for the Development of Critical and Strategic Minerals

Québec Plan for the Development of Critical and Strategic Minerals 2020-2025 (QPDCSM) presents concrete measures to take advantage of minerals indispensable to the green energy and technological transition, both nationally and internationally. The Plan offers the citizens of Quebec the possibility to extend the Province's outreach all over the world. The QPDCSM also provides solutions to make Québec more self-sufficient by contributing to the production of substances necessary to develop key sectors of its economy.

The global economy is evolving rapidly, and new technologies accelerate this change while transforming our lifestyles. Smart devices and equipment, aerospace, telecommunications, renewable energy, energy storage, the medical sector, and transportation electrification are all high-growth sectors in which the supply of critical and strategic minerals (CSMs) is vital. CSMs play an essential role in our daily lives and their demand is growing strongly and supply is becoming a strategic issue for many companies and states.

Governance – Governing Today for the Benefit of Tomorrow

QC Copper’s Board of Directors and management believes delivering superior returns to its shareholders and long-term benefits to its stakeholders is achieved by adhering to best practices in corporate governance.   We have established a set of policies rooted in openness and accountability.

QC Copper & Gold's corporate governance policies are designed to provide a framework for our Board of Directors to monitor and evaluate the management of the Company.  Our Board ensures that QC Copper is managed for the long-term benefit of our shareholders and other major stakeholders. We are also committed to using best corporate governance practices and regulatory guidance.

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